Conditions of Use of Cookies of SCALA HIGHER EDUCATION S.C.

All interested parties are informed that SCALA HIGHER EDUCATION S.C., a company identified with NIF/RFC. SHE1110145H4 and with address at Calzada de la Naranja No159, Piso 4, Fraccionamiento Industrial Alce Blanco, C.P. 53370 Naucalpan, Estado de Mexico duly constituted (hereinafter “SCALA”).

It collects cookies, which are small files that are created in the browser of our visitors when accessing the SCALA website or any other website on the Internet. These files collect and store information regarding the user's browsing habits, technical data of the established connection, personal preferences, content personalization, usage statistics, links to social networks, among others.

Cookies allow our website to remember information about our users' visits, with which we can adapt the content of the website to all profiles and needs, providing a better browsing experience on it. Cookies are associated with both users who establish their connection anonymously and those who do so by identifying themselves.

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Type of Cookies Used by the SCALA Site

Our Website Uses Own- and Third-Party Cookies.

Own Cookies are created directly by the SCALA website when you access it.

Third party Cookies are created by third party sites from which some content has been published, displayed from the SCALA website, such as advertisements or images.

Purpose of Cookies

Own Cookies

Our site's own Cookies are intended to identify each computer that establishes a connection, control traffic and correct data communication, maintain settings, identify browsing sessions (that the servers recognize, despite moving from one page to another , which is the same browsing session of a user), access to restricted access areas, use security elements during browsing, record information about user options allowing the website to be adapted (language preferences, browser through the that the service is accessed, regional configuration, etc.), compile anonymous statistics of web usage habits by our visitors.



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Third Party Cookies

For the purposes of statistical studies related to the browsing behavior of our users, SCALA relies on Google Analytics services, which involves capturing and storing data through cookies from the users' browser and sending it to the Google Analytics server. The process for capturing this information is managed and controlled exclusively by Google Analytics, and the information is treated under the privacy statement and privacy policies and cookies of Google Analytics, which can be consulted at the address https:/ /

To achieve integration with social networks, each of these uses its own cookies so that you can access services offered by such.

In the case of the Facebook social network, SCALA makes use of tools provided by it for analytical and advertising purposes, the information processed by such tools is captured through the use of cookies.

In order to limit the ads on the social network, based on data related to your browsing and preferences, you can consult the configuration of Facebook ads and update your preferences at any time, the settings necessary to do so can be consulted in the address

The information provided will not be collected or used for purposes other than those established in these conditions.

Revoke Consent for the Use of Cookies

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